About Us

Spontaneous Decisions (a SLAPTTM Company)

Spontaneous Decisions Is a small family owned business striving to provide an exceptional shopping experience for the end consumer. We strive to anticipate market needs and demand in specialty products making them attainable through e-commerce.  SLAPTTM is devoted to providing an optimal shopping experience for products that make lives easier and more fulfilled without having to spend a fortune and creating more time for family.  We are committed to being both socially and environmentally responsible corporate citizens that recognize the need to give back to our local communities through random acts of kindness.


Strategically Leaving A Print Transforming Memories

Our Mission/Philosophy Goals

Focus on doing great work providing exceptional service that will make a difference; but more importantly give back. 


SLAPTTM proactively seeks individuals that also value people, community and social concerns that are willing and ready to partner to commit Random Acts Of Kindness (RAOK).  We promote the uplifting of individuals and support the will to dream big one kind act at a time.