Baby Teething Mitten

  • Baby Teething Mitten is the best solution to ease teething pain for all lovely babies! With this teething mitten, you can prevent your baby from painful scratches on their hands as well as blisters.
  • Also, prevent cracked and red skin from excessive saliva and thumb sucking. This means a happier baby, so you'll feel good knowing you did the right thing for your baby.
  • You'll also feel good as less crying means more sleep for mom and dad! Its crinkle sound gains the baby's attention and entertains as a stimulating toy to keep chewing. Our Baby Teething Mitten Fits comfortably over the baby's hand, allowing them to self-soothe painful and irritated gums.
  • They're made with food-grade silicone and are BPA, chemical, and phthalate-free! So it's entirely safe for your lovely baby. Get it for your baby today, and let them start having fun immediately!