Baby Heartbeat Hear Machine

  • This Baby Heartbeat Hear Machine lets you hear the most beautiful sound of this universe! 
  • This baby heartbeat fetal doppler can perfectly capture the baby's heart rate so that the mom can easily and quickly monitor her lovely baby. It enables the fetal heartbeat monitor to restore the sound of the baby's heart beating.
  • At the same time, intelligent noise reduction technology can filter the external noise, making your touch feel your baby closer and more accurate! This fetal doppler has been carefully modulated to ensure your baby's safety.
  • In particular, it has strictly controlled the radiation, which makes the machine's radiation far lower than the safety standard. You can use this machine safely!
  •  It's very accessible to use this; no need for belts, straps, buckles, or special clothing to use this baby heartbeat machine. So, don't be late. Feel the beauty of life with this baby heartbeat Machine!